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Black Bee Books is looking for a limited number of titles to publish in 2021 and 2022.

We are looking to work with authors that reflect the wide range of communities in Wales, and publish titles that will resonate with a diverse readership.

We publish fiction and non-fiction in electronic and hard copy format.

Submissions should be made in PDF format only to submissions@blackbeebooks.wales. All other formats will be deleted, without acknowledgement.

Each fiction submission should include:

  1. Two page synopsis
  2. First 40 pages
  3. Short author bio

A non-fiction proposal should include:

  1. Two page outline
  2. Chapter list & chapter summary
  3. Two sample chapters
  4. Short author bio and summary of why you are qualified to write the book

All submissions will be reviewed by our small team and the decision on whether to accept a submission for publication will be made subjectively by Black Bee Books Ltd. We aim to respond to all submissions, but will not enter into correspondence with authors we decide not to publish. We are sure that we will, on occasion, reject manuscripts that go on to be best-sellers and a rejection by Black Bee Books is only a reflection of what we enjoy reading.


Telephone: 01558 685860

E-mail: info@blackbeebooks.wales

Address: Bryn Heulog, Talley, Llandeilo, Wales SA19 7YH

Company Registered in Wales: 12475891


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